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Get Our Drainage Services to Keep Your Yard and Garden in Charleston, SC in Peak Health

Having proper drainage systems in your yard and garden can help prevent damage to your home, save water and fertilizer, and most importantly, keep your plants thriving. If you need professional yard and garden drainage services, look no further than Oak Branch Landscaping, LLC.

We will help you design and implement a drainage plan that works for your landscape and meets the specific needs of your site. We can also repair and recommend enhancements for existing ones. Our drainage solutions can improve soil moisture and keep harmful chemicals from leaching into the ground, making gardening easier and safer for you. You shouldn’t have to worry about repairs or dealing with issues related to your landscape drainage pipe and drains plumbing – let us take care of that for you. We are backed by over 12 years of experience in the industry so you can trust us for quality workmanship and knowing which products ensure the peak performance of your system. Our services are available in Charleston, SC, and the surrounding areas.

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We Can Provide Your Landscape With Proper Drainage Systems

Drainage problems in your outdoors can be frustrating and may cause accidents. Schedule a service with us if you notice any of the following in your property:

  • Standing water on patios or sidewalks after a rain
  • Constantly wet areas between houses or structures
  • Areas in your yard that are always wet or soggy
  • Greenery doesn’t grow due to standing water
  • Erosion problems

We can help improve your poor drainage and so you can take back your landscape. Our experts will come to your property and assess your gutters, underground piping, drain box systems, etc. We’ll streamline your drainage system to improve its functionality and prevent potential problems.

Get Prompt and Efficient Service From Our Drainage Contractors

We understand the importance of having your landscape drainage systems working properly. We are a friendly, dependable, and professional company that provides quality drainage services, repairs, and installation.  For yard or garden water drainage issues in Charleston, SC, call us to have them fixed the right way. Not sure what’s wrong? Reach out for a free consultation, estimate, and troubleshooting session. We’re here to help.